pMon at Supercomputing 2016 – Salt Lake City, Utah

Asun Bajracharya November 17, 2016

Our solution partner Allied Control is showcasing their immersion cooling technology with pMon at SC16 Salt Lake City, Utah from 14th Nov to 17th Nov.

With pMon real-time PUE reporting capability, Allied Control is able to demonstrate their ultra efficient HPC platform that has a rated PUE of 1.02 or better. The dispalyed Allied Control HPC data tank (as shown in the picture) utilises direct immersion cooling using 3Mtm engineered dielectric liquid to sustain a 40+kW high performance computing system at a much smaller footprint and lower operating cost; We integrate our pMon platform into its electrical panel to monitor IT and cooling loads in real-time to calculate real-time and accumulative PUE instantaneously. For more information about SC16 the twitter feeds @