Perfect fit design


In EziBlank, we believe efficiency is a holistic concept where less is more. Lightweight materials are our first choices when designing new products. Take our 6U blanking panel as an example, it is the lightest in its class yet still offers superior performance and usability.


By understanding how material works and precision engineering, we can create just-fit products that are still robust and durable. Users have found that EziBlank products are more flexible and ergonomic, and fit perfectly into their intended position.

Cohesive Aesthetics

We don't stop at just making our products work well, they have to look right. This is where cohesive aesthetic comes into our design equation. With a range of standard colour options and non-intrusive fittings, EziBlank products blend in seamlessly into data centre of different themes and designs.

Robust and durable products

EziBlank – Data centre air flow management

EziBlank® is an Australian based data centre air flow management product brand, who has distributed millions of our highly acclaimed 6-RU blanking panels worldwide. With EziBlank's cohesive aesthetic design philosophy and a patented mounting clip for square hole mounting rail, EziBlank blanking panel is the most elegant server cabinet air containment solution both aesthetically and functionally. In EziBlank® we believe firmly in sustainability and efficiency in data centres, our products are created by the principle of lightweight, intuitive and just-fit design as opposed to over-engineered & cumbersome. Using EziBlank® products is effortless, and because all of our products are built to be durable and reusable, our customers get more value from every dollar they invest on our environmentally friendly products.


Meet our Team

Niall Coulter
Managing Director
Niall has worked in the Telecommunications and Data Centre industry for the last 25 years in a technical, project delivery, sales and management capacity. His passion in system efficiency in data centres inspired the development and production of the highly acclaimed Eziblank® airflow management and pMon® power monitoring systems. As IDC Solutions’ Managing Director, Niall has established and continued to maintain multiple business channels both locally and internationally, his structured and persistent business building mentality has extended IDC Solutions’ market coverage into North America, Europe and Asia which have grown significantly in the past 4 years.
Samantha Taylor
Office Manager
Samantha is an experienced business management practitioner, who has over 18 years’ experience in the administration of finance, sales and renewals and human resources. Samantha’s leadership qualities and depth of experience are highlighted through the networks established across multiple business sectors and markets, including Federal/ State Government, commercial and banking sectors. Focused on ensuring customer positive solutions with outcomes that benefit all parties, Samantha has worked across diverse geographic and cultural elements with increased results for her organisations. Samantha’s previous experience as a Principal Business Administration Manager for a multi-national organisation has allowed for growth and understanding of the nuances that affect global organisations and how support can be provided to achieve cost-effective solutions.