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EziBlank is an IDC Solutions products.

EziBlank ensures energy-efficient data-centre operation

Energy costs account for 25% to 40% of operational expense, it’s time to demand efficiency.

EziBlank designs, creates and implements innovative, intelligent air-flow management and energy-monitoring systems that increase performance and cut power consumption. Quick and easy to install, an EziBlank solution optimises your infrastructure investment and helps to manage your core knowledge assets.

Perfect fit design


In EziBlank, we believe efficiency is a holistic concept where less is more. Lightweight materials are our first choices when designing new products. Take our 6U blanking panel as an example, it is the lightest in its class yet still offers superior performance and usability.


By understanding how material works and precision engineering, we can create just-fit products that are still robust and durable. Users have found that EziBlank products are more flexible and ergonomic, and fit perfectly into their intended position.

Cohesive Aesthetics

We don't stop at just making our products work well, they have to look right. This is where cohesive aesthetic comes into our design equation. With a range of standard colour options and non-intrusive fittings, EziBlank products blend in seamlessly into data centre of different themes and designs.

EziBlank and pMon deliver innovative, intelligent air-flow management and
energy-monitoring systems that increase performance and cut power consumption.

EziBlank optimises performance and reduces cost

EziBlank is an Australia-based innovator that designs and manufactures cutting-edge data centre air-flow management solutions for the global market. Its highly acclaimed server cabinet air-containment solutions optimise your IT investment and reduce overheads by striking just the right balance between temperature control and energy efficiency. Cool in every sense of the word, EziBlank combines a sturdy, lightweight build, robust performance and elegant design features. Simple to install, durable and re-usable, EziBlank is the solution of the future for the data centre of today.

pMon - Enterprise power monitoring and management

pMon is an advanced industrial power-monitoring and energy-reporting system. Designed to ensure sustainable consumption, pMon combines robust metering hardware and rich business-intelligence capability. By integrating with your core enterprise IT systems, it streamlines energy management, enhances maintenance efficiency and reduces risk to vital business functions. With pMon, meeting compliance requirements couldn't be easier, and you'll spend far less time collecting the information you need, leaving more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

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