What Are Data Centre Floor Tiles?

Data Centre Energy Efficiency

Understanding Floor Tiles

When stepping into a data centre, the first thing that might catch your attention is the mass of equipment humming away, processing data at mind-boggling speeds. However, what’s supporting this technological marvel? The answer lies beneath your feet: Data Centre Floor Tiles.


What are Data Centre Floor Tiles?

Floor Tiles, often termed raised flooring or access floor system, play a crucial role in supporting the infrastructure of a data processing centre. Data centre floor tiles create a structural platform to support equipment and serve as a conduit for wiring and conditioned air distribution.


Different Types

At first glance, these tiles might seem like mere squares. However, there’s more than what meets the eye. Floor Tiles are far from uniform; they come in various forms such as die-cast aluminium, particle board core, high strength hollow steel, and concrete-filled steel, each with different profiles. EziBlank’s Directional Airflow and High Airflow Floor Tile, for instance, are designed to optimize air distribution and cooling efficiency in data centres.

data centre floor tiles

Understanding the Loading Capabilities

Supporting expensive equipment requires an incredible amount of strength. These floor tiles have the ability to support loads ranging from 1,000 psi to over 3,000 psi. This load-bearing capacity is critical when dealing with concentrated loads. EziBlank’s tiles are engineered to meet high standards, ensuring the safety and stability of the equipment.


Rolling Load Capabilities

When moving equipment in and out of the data centre, the floor tiles need to withstand rolling loads. Hence, these tiles are designed to accommodate various rolling load capabilities, a feature that EziBlank’s products also emphasize.


Static Dissipation

One crucial feature of these tiles is their ability to dissipate static charge. This feature is significant to ensure the smooth operation of sensitive equipment without interruption. EziBlank’s floor solutions are designed with this in mind, providing a safe and stable environment for data centre operations.

How Floor Tiles Contribute to Temperature Control

Data processing equipment generates a substantial amount of heat. To counteract this, conditioned air is pumped into the cold aisle plenum space through raised access floor systems. EziBlank’s High Airflow Floor Tiles and Directional High Output Airflow Panels are specifically designed to manage these thermal loads effectively, ensuring optimal cooling and energy efficiency.


Aesthetics and Functionality

While the primary focus of these tiles is functional, they also offer aesthetic appeal. High-pressure laminates available in various colours and thicknesses add to the clean appearance. EziBlank’s products not only meet functional requirements but also contribute to the overall aesthetic and design of modern data centres.


Enhance Efficiency with EziBlank

To sum up, Floor Tiles are more than just a floor. They are an integral part of the data centre infrastructure, providing support, facilitating cooling, and ensuring the smooth operation of the facility. EziBlank’s range of floor tiles and airflow management solutions further enhance this infrastructure, combining functionality with innovation to meet the evolving needs of data centres worldwide.