24-input Branch Circuit Power Meter with Relay Outputs

pMon System Diagram


  • 8 x 3 Phase or 24 x 1 Phase high accuracy metering channels.
  • True RMS measurements, including kW, kVAr, kVA, Power Factor and THD.
  • Modbus support and options for RS-485 Serial communication or Ethernet to suit individual needs.
  • Safe extra-low voltage split core current transformer for safe and easy installation.
  • Dual relay switch for equipment control and demand management.

The PM-4324P High Density Multi-Channel Power Meter up to 8 three phase circuits or 24 single phase circuits. The PM-4324P can measure up to 24 inputs via external Current Transformers (CTs).

This flexibility makes the PM-4324P perfect for multi-tenant facilities such as residential projects, office buildings and shopping malls. This compact instruments is designed to easily fit into existing panel boards or be flush mounted nearby, thus eliminating the need for expensive retrofit projects or for allocating extra space for the device.

Australian Recommended Retail Price:

P/N: PM-4234P-EZ, AUD2,565 ex. GST.

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P2014-0032 PMC-4324 Multi-Channel Power Meter Rev 1 application/pdf 1 MB


Please refer to product datasheet.