eXtension Kit

eXtension Kit Single Product


  • Seamless integration with EziBlank Blanking Panel to extend air containment coverage
  • Adjustable toque hinge for flexible adjustment during installation and then lock in place at final position.
  • Magnetic base mounting for easy installation and adjustment on ferrite surface and pre-punched mounting holes for non-ferrite surface installation.
  • Cohesive aesthetic design that blends seamlessly into existing rack cabinets.
  • Extensible width using separate 100mm side panel to cover up to 800mm wide racks.

EziBlank® eXtension (*Patent Pending Worldwide) is the extension bracket with magnetic mounting base that is specifically designed and engineered to be paired with EziBlank® 6RU Blanking Panel for extended air containment coverage. By adopting cohesive aesthetic design, the EziBlank® eXtension with Blanking Panel blends seamlessly into existing server rack cabinets and at the same time functions as an extended barrier between hot and cold aisle.

The magnetic, non-intrusive mounting arrangement provides data centre operators the versatility to experiment or permanently implement strategic, targeted air flow management without the investment of extensive capital works.

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2015-03-0032 EziBlank eXtension Kit Rev 1 application/pdf 645 KB


Physical Dimensions:
Bracket: 273.4mmx600mmx58.9mm
Ext. Panel: 267mmx100mmx15mm
Weight: 1.5kg with EziBlank® 6RU Panel attached.
Material: 1.2mm mild steel, powder coated
Colours: Black, White

Magnetic: 3 x 25mm rare earth magnet each with nominated holding force of 14kg.

Torque Hinge Performance Details:
Load: Radial: 1780N; Axial: 890N
Max. torque: 0.8Nm