pMon® is an industrial leading power monitoring and energy reporting system that comprises both robust metering hardware and comprehensive business intelligence reporting. The pMon® is built on a high performance embedded system that offers a suite of information dashboards and intelligence reporting, in addition, its ecosystem is based upon industrial standards such as Modbus and SNMP and is ready out of the box for IT enterprise and BMS integration. pMon® monitoring and reporting system has been adopted by major vendors, data centre operators and telecommunication exchanges for energy performance benchmarking including Energy Saving Scheme, NABERS and data centre PUE.

pMon power monitoring system can be easily installed by qualified electrician or pMon recommended metering specialist. Cost of installation varies from site to site, based on our experience, an experience installer could install a single system of 20+ power meters in up to 5 different locations within a 2-3 days project window.