EziBlank Sales Incentive Program


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*: The total sales amount submitted and approved by EziBlank.
^: The total EziBlank Dollar approved by EziBlank upon verification of sales total.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What documentation is required to qualify for the incentive?

1. Download your personalised PDF form - EziBlank_Sales_Registraion_Form_<version>_<your username>.pdf, this is the first file uploaded to your Private File Stash and it is protected from deletion.

2. Complete your for with your sales records.

3. Save the file (please add your name to the filename) – then use the “Upload” files function on the portal to send your sales information to Eziblank.  The upload will complete automatically once the progress bar reached 100%, if you want to leave us a comment, enter the comment and then click "Submit".

4. We will post you the Visa card with your incentive payment!  SPEND IT!

How often should said documentation be submitted?  Daily?  Weekly?  Monthly?

Each incentive period will be over a 2 month period (dates will be on the Incentive website) and you can add your numbers as often as you like up until the end of the period. You can keep track of your total dollars also. At the end of the period we will validate your sales and you will receive your well earned Eziblank® cash in the form of a visa cash card. Because of Xmas we will end the first period slightly early so you receive $$s for Xmas. 

How will I receive my incentive?

You will receive the incentive in the form of a Visa Card with the incentive amount included.  

Is there a maximum payout?

No maximum applies.  We want to make sure you receive the incentive for every box you sell, the sky’s the limit! 

What is the smallest amount money I can receive?

Due to limitations with card issuers we must issue the cards in $25 multiples and the minimum that EZIBLANK can pay is $25 so you eziblank dollars will accrue each month to the nearest $25 amount.  Any monies accrued will go to your next monthly statement.